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Monday, Nov 19, 2001
So I've done a little work on to make it more useful.

You can still use qwer as a place to swap text and html easily between computers, but now it's also an ideal tool for making shorter links.

As an example, if you want to share a url with someone over the phone, in an instant messenger away message, an email, or anyplace where a URL with a hundred seemingly random characters would be messy, you can make your own shortcut at qwer.

Say you want to show someone this Calvin and Hobbes book: ase_kevinfox02/107-0203713-9114939 but you're talking to them on the phone, or the url breaks when it wraps in an email. You can go to, paste in the long url, hit return, and now will redirect you (and your friend) to the Amazon page.

Don't give me too much credit. Though I always planned on qwer acting this way, I took some cues from the folks at I think the qwre solution works better though, for two reasons: First, '' is shorter (and faster to type) than '', which is in itself an example of irony. Second, while you can make your own shortcut at '', the same link at the other site would be ''. Which would you rather use? Which URL gives you have a hint of where it leads?

In the coming weeks I'll be putting in more code to deal with recycling links after 7 days or so. I also plan to provide an option for permalinks for registered users ('' for example) and to let users decide whether a given qwer link or page should be editable by the public at large, the way 'qwer text pages' work now.

In honor of the new functionality, I've officially dropped the [beta] from qwer's name. Please feel free to use it the next time you need to toss someone a mapquest link over the phone or in email.

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