Google Buys Blogger
Saturday, Feb 15, 2003
Looking back five years from now, this will probably be the single event that will have changed the face of personal communications more than any other event in 2003.

Google has purchased Pyra Labs, providers of Blogger.

Oh, and I'm not sure what my intellectual property dealio is with Yahoo, so please don't ask me why Yahoo didn't buy Pyra a year ago when I was UI designer for GeoCities and Pyra was inches from insolvency. It's a painful memory anyhow...

Okay, to elaborate more, I think Google is the perfect Pyra buyer because their user-driven mentality is right in line with Evan's mentality. Google Labs is full of cool ideas that three-person Google teams come up with, and the ones that get a lot of user attention and use get funded further and get ramped up for mainstream use. It makes perfect sense to me that Google would be attracted to the best extra-googliar example of this mentality: Blogger, the first large-scale hosted blog application.

I can't wait to see where this goes! I just wish I was a part of it.

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