I Ain't No Ben Brown
Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003
So I've been carrying around my video camera for the past couple of days, since I've had a few minutes more than usual to devote to non-school things.

Living for years in awe of that brief gem, The Ben Brown Show, I've been toying with putting together a sporadic web show I've dubbed 'The Fox Minute,' and have a couple episodes in the can.

The can is where they'll stay though, since episodes best titled 'Kevin Stands in Snow and Vamps for 60 seconds' and 'Kevin Waits at the Bus Stop' probably won't be high on the list of fan-voted top-ten episodes after the show goes into late-night syndication.

Still, it would hardly be fair to taunt you with video and then deliver nothing, so I give you a Moment of Zen.

Also, while the first show was so bad that it'll never see the light of day, I'll let you in on what happens when I turn on the camera and then wait for inspiration to strike.

This is me thinking. (2.1meg Quicktime 6.0)

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