Of airships and attacks
Thursday, Feb 13, 2003
After a short post about Asian-Pacific attacks on the west coast, and another post on blimp terror, it seems only fitting to note that the only direct fatalities within the US (back then Hawaii was a territory) during World War II were from a single balloon-carried bomb launched by Japan and found by six unlucky and uninformed picnicers in Oregon.

Seems that Japan launched six thousand balloon bombs over a four month period, hoping to incite terror and start forest firest in North America. In response, the US started a campaign to shoot them down off the coast, while keeping their existence a secret from the American populace.

It makes me wonder though. Ridge raises the terror alert to Orange, citing 'the most specific data yet on terrorist activity' and declines to elaborate on what the threat is beyond saying every American should have the means to seal every air-permeable crevice in their home and subsist on their own without outside food, water, or power for at least 36 hours.

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