The Neverending Soundtrack
Wednesday, Feb 19, 2003
(or "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves...")

I'm beginning to think that I always have a song going on in my head. True, it's not always at the forefront, but I'm convinced that a part of my head is always singing along to something. This morning, walking tot he bus stop, I noticed my iPod was on zero bars of juice, and I hoped I could at least get a few bars of music, so I could have a song in my head then thought, wait. I don't have one already? And of course I did. I just wanted something else.

I want to write a program, or otherwise find some non-cyclic reminder that asks me what my 'currently playing' song is several times a day. I want to see whether I'm ever without song, and what kinds of music my inner DJ spins for me over the course of days and weeks.

Maybe if you send me email asking me "what are you listening to right now?" I'll reply, and then post the log with times after a day or two of responses.

Just to get the ball rolling, it's 2:29am, and my inner DJ is playing "Haunting Me" by Stabbing Westward.

Somehow that just fits...

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