Disenfranchised Patriot Seeks New Regime for LTR
Saturday, Mar 01, 2003
The political world is going to shit. I strongly believe that our top leaders are lying to us, that they have their own agendas that don't mesh with the well being of the nation and the world, and that they realize that since the media won't call them on it, they can make more daring and more glaring lies every day.

My question for the weekend is: If the United States is taking on the role of the World's Policeman, ensuring that the world enjoys the American standards for human rights and freedom, then why do we not listen to what that world is saying?

I say 'we' though every day I feel less and less that 'we' are represented by our government. I'm travelling overseas later this month, and I'm just hoping that people in other countries don't treat me like I agree with what my country is doing ostensibly in my name.

I don't understand why Democratic leaders (or any domestic leaders for that matter) aren't coming out against the way this charade-driven prelude to war is being played out. With less than 50% of Americans saying that they would vote to re-elect Bush if the election were held today without even having an alternative candidate in mind, why don't we hear more from those politicians who better represent our views? Why don't we hear it more vocally from the US media? What little true investigative reporting that's done by US news services is usually printed as 'opinion' or 'editorial.' Bush understands that the first step to controlling the media is to make sure the other guy never gets heard.

We're being bullied. We're being spied upon. We're being lied to, and we're being robbed.

Give the populace a lollipop tax refund and make them pay for it later when 'the other guy' is running the country. Make the government earn less and spend more, call it the price for our liberties and tell us that the best thing we can do for our economy is to buy ourselves a new VCR and look the other way.

How do I raise my own flag, for all the world to see? How can I identify with a nation that feels as I do, led by a government that does not? What is the best way to say that I stand up for the ideals that this country was founded upon, but that I think that those ideals are not represented by the people currently at the nation's helm?

What happens to the United States' credibility if we go it alone and invade Iraq, and not find weapons of mass destruction (other than our own) in the ruins we create? Would our leaders plant them, like crooked cops at a drug bust, or would we blanket our slaughter of the Iraqi people under the guise of their emancipation from tyranny? How will other nations ever again justify allying with us when we collaboratively set the rules for a country's disarmament, then unilaterally say 'fuck it. I don't believe you, but since I can't prove it I'll decimate your infrastructure to be on the safe side'? What does it say when our foreign policy is based on Napoleonic Law, and even France won't stand with us?

We're inches away from strip searches for traffic violations. Our bank account and previous travel activity are already looked at by threat-assessment computers to decide which planes we can fly on, and how often we get searched along the way. And more invasive systems are in the works. American citizens are being held without bail, without charges, and without paperwork or public scrutiny, under the oxymoronic guise of protecting our freedoms. If an American was treated this way by any other nation, it wouldn't be tolerated. But this is America, where our government knows what's best.

Our 'terror alert' scale is designed to tell us when to feel scared (but not why), and when to feel safe (but not for how long). We're told to prepare for ambiguous terrorist threats, then told not to feel fear or overreact as we're instructed in how to walk leisurely away from a nuclear attack.

We're being played as puppets. We're brainwashed into thinking that Iraq and Al Qaeda are the same thing, and that having a missile that can travel 113 miles instead of the proscribed 93 miles is tantamount to possessing smallpox.

Our government has told the world that they're either with us or against us, and if they don't like the way we run the world, well, then they just might be next on our list. This is the same ultimatum that's also being given to the people of our country.

How wrong is it that I fear a repeat election in 2004 more than anything that Iraq, Al Qaeda, or even North Korea could do?

How can we stop this ride? I want to get off.

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