Gone to Mexico!
Sunday, Mar 30, 2003
As those of you reading my cohort's blog know, the wandering compass needle that is Karen and my vacation has fix'd itself on the seas. This afternoon we set sail on a week-long cruise to Mexico!

We're shipping out on Carnival's Elation, a 'fun boat' that should be pretty different than the more sedate family cruises I've been on with Celebrity, but then this is two people hopping to Mexico, and not 22 people cruising through Alaska or the Mediterranean, so differences already abound.

This is the Trip of Little Planning, and we're looking forward to choosing activities on the spur of the moment. We got a good deal on cruise fare because of the last-minute booking, and we've done a little research on our three destination ports: Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta, but have stopped short of making full plans.

Despite Karen's being the daughter of a Coast Guard captain, and loving boats and the ocean all her life, this is her first cruise, and will be the first time she's ever been on the water out of sight of land.

For my part, this will be the first time in a long time that I will be on the water out of sight of email, as I believe the Elation doesn't have a cybercafe. Nevertheless, we'll both be writing and taking pictures, and it's not inconceivable that blog posts may be made from ports of call.

I've added the ship's itinerary to the calendar in the left hand nav, and you'll notice that upon arriving back in Los Angeles, I'll be jetting off to the CHI2003 conference in Fort Lauderdale. Truly, it is a hard knock life.

In other news, Google got in touch with me this week. On the basis of an interview I had with them last week when two of their product managers came to Pittsburg,h they want to fly me out to San Francisco next month for a full day of interviews. Things are good.

[edited to place a modifier in it's proper position - Fox]

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