I hate warblogging
Wednesday, Mar 05, 2003
I so don't want Fury to become a warblog, but I wold like to point to an editorial critical of the Bush Doctrine that was published in the SFGate today. A highlight:
"Here are the words you will never hear from Dubya: We have won the war on terror. Never will you hear this, because the battle is, by definition, unwinnable; you can't win a war on terror any more than you can win the war against racism, or ignorance, or drugs, or cutesy boy bands or sunlight. Terrorism is as much a concept as a force, an idea as a scattered, well-organized, global network we can't possibly pinpoint."

Yes, the article is designed to enflame people, polarize them one way or the other. At the same time, it underscores my primary anger about our country. Beyond any one action, vote, or invasion, we've become a nation of pre-emptive aggressors who fight because we're scared of what happens if we don't beat people up before they beat us up.

Okay, so if the last warblog post I made was any indication, this will probably get a lot of comments. Go ahead and comment away. I won't be putting as much effort into point-by-point rebuttals to people's vim this time around. I've expressed my opinion well enough.

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