If ever there was an award I deserved
Tuesday, Mar 18, 2003
The AntiBloggies, answer to the Bloggies, has published it's list of categories, letting you vote for the most deserving sites.

If ever there was an award Fury was cut out for it's Most Unfinished Projects. To refresh the mind of the gentle reader:

  1. Randompixel (aka Cameo)
  2. AOLiza
  3. Metacookie
  4. QWER
  5. Blogger Purity Survey (2001 Edition!)
  6. Fury 4.0
  7. AIMtunes
  8. Fury - Mobile Edition
  9. Public version of FuryNodes
  10. Fury MicroBlog
  11. Underblog
  12. LogMusic
  13. Tao Dice
  14. The Mara Story
  15. The Butterfly Orgasm Story
  16. Trip log for The Kevin and Ammy Cross-Country Show
  17. So very, very many galleries sitting in iPhoto
  18. Things I've forgotten but will doubtlessly be reminded of by you
  19. More stuff I can't even talk about yet...

So go vote! You can vote once every 60 minutes, so vote early, vote often!!!

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