In China Chinese Food is Just Food
Thursday, Mar 13, 2003
So I've been too busy to blog, to busy to recap my mid-semester crisis, too busy to talk about the freezing snowstorms followed by 60 degree weather followed 24 hours later by biting 13degree nights, followed now by 50-degree spring thunderstorms with lightning like strobelights and thunder that feels like a 2.5 under your feet.

And I'm going to China. That's right. China! Don't look so surprised! It's been there on the calendar on your left for months now! Eight days from now I'll be in China (well, 9 days, technically 10 when you factor in the date line) and there I'll be for two weeks, and when that's over? Well I'm not home yet!

Rough itinerary to come, but let's just say that I'm not just keeping busy, I'm trying to shoo busy out of the room but it Just Won't Go.

Ahh, life is good.

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