Movies of the Future
Thursday, Mar 27, 2003
Well, two months in to the future anyhow...

Two differences between going to the movies in Los Angeles versus goin gto the movies anywhere else:

First, theaters are at least a couple years ahead in technology. Stadium seating was the norm for new theaters here at least a year or two before it caught on elsewhere, and new theaters here now have little demi-seats under the armrests so if you raise the armrest there's no gap between you and the person next to you, for extra comfort. Also, while early stadium seats would alternate row by row with armrests that raise up or seats that rock, the current theater seats all do both, and have plenty of legroom so you don't have to scoot to let someone through in front of you.

Second, if you go on a weekend evening, you're almost sure to see people with flyers eyeing the incoming moviegoers for people who fit their assigned demographic. They'll stop you and ask you almost apologetically if you have time on a weeknight this week to come to a free screening for an unreleased movie. sometimes they'll tell yuo the movei, sometimes they'll just give you the genre and a clue or two.

Karen, my mom, and I went to the Sherman Oaks Galleria to see The Hours on Saturday night, (Karen and I hadn't seen it yet), the night before the Oscars. The flyer people stopped us for two screenings. One, for a movie called "The Italian Job" was last night, and Karen and I went down to the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, literally a few hundred feet from the Kodak Theatre, where the Oscars were held just a few days earlier.

I'm not allowed to say anything about the movie, but it wasn't a disappointment, and they even gave everyone a free canole after the screening. I was surprised that they didn't give us all feedback forms after the screening, but i guess they just wanted to gauge overall audience reaction.

Tonight the three of us are returning to the Galleria for another screening, this time for a comedy starring 'a $20 million comedy star' and a current sitcom star. Karen and I are hoping that this equates to "Bruce Almighty" which makes sense, as Jim Carry got $20 million for Ace Ventura 2, and Jennifer aniston is also in the movie. It comes out in two months, the same week as The Italian Job, so it looks promising. I've wanted to see this movie since the first preview, so the idea of getting to see it two months early is supercool.A couple hours will tell.

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