Pentagon's View for Shaping the New World
Thursday, Mar 06, 2003
This is really a fascinating article about the Pentagon's view of the purpose of a global superpower (hosted by the U.S. Naval War college) and the whys and whens of international military action. This is the 10,000 foot view of how current international politics relate to the last 50 and the next 50 years.

All the press and public sentiment nowadays relates to the recent past (15 years) and immediate future (10 years). This document goes beyond terrorism and human rights, and looks at geopolitics from the standpoint of economic and sociologic stability of a globalized planet.

The analysis in this document is very, very well thought out, in my opinion, and just as terrifying. The question I'm left with is what is our role in the world? Who gave us the keys and who are we to drive?

Agree or disagree with the moralities presented in this 'plan', it presents a more honest view than the 'of the moment' motives spouted out daily in the chambers of the UN, or the pages of the media.

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