Would you like a side of Freedom with that?
Wednesday, Mar 12, 2003

Top ten items on House of Representatives' agenda after renaming French Toast to "Freedom Toast" in the House restuarants:

10. Eat Freedom for breakfast

9. Pass resolution to replace 'deja-vu' with 'woah, buh'

8. Require two-week quarantine for Americans returning from France

7. Blame Canada

6. Mandate that French classes instead teach students to speak English, but in a nasal 'Franch Ahccent'

5. Build bigger Eiffel Tower at the WTC site and call it the 'Freedom Tower'

4. 'Fetchez la vache'

3. Declare July 14th to be 'National Funny Nose Day'

2. Return the Statue of Liberty

1. Ban RU-486

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