60 miles south of Baja
Tuesday, Apr 01, 2003
Heya, net access on the ship is thin and pricy, so I couldn't pre-compose an entry. For now, just checking in to say that Karen and I are having a great time. Tomorrow we reach Puerto Vallarta where we're going hiking and, among other shopping activities, we have to shop for a new AC adapter for my powerbook. Seems that's the one thing I left at my mom's place. I have homework due on Thursday that I was planning on doing here, but with about 90 minutes of battery left to do several hours of Flash animations, it doesn't seem likely, so it'll be shopping tomorrow, then lots of coding tomorrow night once we put out to sea at 10pm.

I hope everyone's doiong well! I'm sorry I can't send emails out to folks individually, but hopefully it'll suffice to say I miss those I should miss, and then some. I sunburned my ankle yesterday, as a warning of what would happen if I hadn't been so assiduous with the SPF 30 everywhere else.

Okay, time to go for now. I'll check in again soon, and with any luck I'l be posting pictures as well!

Be well,

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