Going Through the Motions
Tuesday, Apr 22, 2003
Walked out of my house a few minutes ago, popped in my iPod's headphones, started the random shuffle (someone should name their band 'random shuffle'... Or their blog...) and strode through the cemetery to the bus stop on the other side.

'Going through the motions' from Buffy OMWF came on as I walked through the grass between century-old tombstones. It was as perfect as a month ago when 'Rest in Peace' came on while I walked home through 2am moonlight.

Last night I decided today would be a creative rebirth, and this was a good start. I feel goth on the outside and plur on the inside. Scary.

Joining the spirit of unfettered writing, my iPod has apparently decided to do away with friction. Now my little jog dial will spin and spin until I deliberately stop it.

After kvetching to Benjy last night about how the latest firmware update fixed my iPod's battery problems, now I may have a replacement reason to take a closer look at the new iPods to be announced next Monday.

Mmmmm... Commerce...

[blogged from the sidekick, on the bus to school]

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