Some days I forget which one is the real world and which is the nightmare.
Sunday, Apr 27, 2003
Jeb Bush tells NRA that they're responsible for his brother being in office: "The sound of our guns is the sound of freedom!"

It's easy to confuse our country with the third world when major entertainment networks actively promote pro-war rallies while prohibiting their stations from publicizing anti-war gatherings, and ban and villify artists who come out against the war.

It's nice to see the Bush family so concerned about the Bill of Rights, but while they're busy defending the second amendment, can we also get some attention for the first and fifth? When the president's brother (Not Uday, I mean Jeb) tells millions that the kick of a rifle butt into our shoulder is the manifestation of freedom, I've got to wonder: When we're done touring bits democracy to the world, can we bring them back home please?

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