What's up with my body?
Monday, Apr 28, 2003
Okay, warning to those who don't want to weird about people's weird biological experiences: This is an article about my weird biological experience. You've been warned.

So I've had a virus for almost a week, slight fever, cough, achy, restless and lethargic (a really annoying combination). Luckily yesterday I was feeling a lot better. My cough and sinuses were still acting up, but the 'brain cloud' had lifted.

I went to sleep last night, and had a little trouble sleeping, waking up every few hours to hack, pee, and get more water. Ugh, but not abnormal for being sick.

When I woke up at 4am though, it was different...

You know how, when you're nauseous, and you feel like you might throw up, and you get this taste in your mouth, like a warning for what's to come? Totally unlike the actual taste of vomit, it's that warning, call it metallic, or bitter, or whatever. you know that taste?

Well, I woke up with that taste in my mouth, strong. Now through the whole illness I didn't have any stomach upset, and even now I didn't feel queasy or nauseous. Still, just to be safe, I got up and walked to the bathroom. Over the next 30 seconds I had wave after wave of this taste. I could actually feel it being expelled from my saliva ducts under my tongue. I mean teaspoons full. Did my mouth know something that my head didn't? It was actually panic-inducing. Adrenaline shot up, which probably created a feedback loop. The conflict between mixed messages from my body and pavlovian response was very disconcerting.

Things finally started to settle down, but it was very unsettling: My body, which usually keeps pretty quiet, woke up, screaming to tell me something, but I didn't know what. I still don't.

Any ideas?

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