On Interviewing
Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Talking with so many people, one after the other, I get the illusion that I do a good job of expressing myself, relating enough about me that the pieces can be assembled into a full representative picture. Except of course they can't. While the slices I get out of asking questions of each interviewer can be assembled into a greater whole of the company, the slices that I serve up are digested by each interviewer, not reassembled into a Kevin mosaic.

I just hope (slipping headfirst into the metaphor) that each of the slices I serve up is filling on its own, and that each experience was good or great, and memorable. Brevity is the soul of more than wit, and expressing as much of myself as possible under brief constraints is a skill I have yet to master.

I'm not saying much right now. I'm still too close to everything, and I don't feel like sharing much until this turgid sea gives way to calm sailing. Still, I've a lot on my mind, when the very hope of a bouyant heart is the thing that weighs on it most.

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