Teen Sex: A radical approach?
Wednesday, May 28, 2003
I'm sure this one will spark a lively debate: Is pushing abstinence the wrong way to handle teen sex?

Mark Morford makes an interesting point about how the vast majority of the media pushes sex (TV, movies, advertisements, music), so how is pushing abstinence to teens anything more than another instrument in the cacophony?

A friend in high school's mom had a policy where she'd let her kids party and drink alcohol, on the condition that it happened at home, and under her supervision. The rationale was that if she didn't, they'd do it anyway, behind her back, and the main reasons why teens drinking alcohol is a bad thing are usually related to their lack of supervision, or efforts to hide their activity (drunk driving, fights, indiscriminate sex). Keeping it at home but keeping it accepted empowered the kids while keeping them safe.

Maybe if sex weren't vilified in the years when our biology is telling us to try it, we'd have less social problems as a whole later on.

Okay guys, have at it!

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