Fury 4.0d7
Wednesday, Jun 11, 2003
Another day, another design mock.

Changes in d7 include:

  • Removal of the '3d effect' except for on the masthead.
  • Joining of the top property links to the masthead
  • Removal of separators in the 'on this page' (OTP) navbox
  • Changing () to [] for OTP comments. (I tried omitting them, or making the color/link just the number, etc. They all looked much worse, trust me.)
  • Changing the 'comments' area at the end of entries. Check the first and second entries for examples. The rest are for placement only (FPO).
  • 'Track this item'? What's that mean? (grin)
  • Removed the legend. More navbox changes to come.

For discussion: How does the color balance look now? granted the white/grey isn't set in stone, but I feel that without the legend, the salmon isn't so overbearing. Comments? Also: When you click on a salmon comment counter in the OTP, should it take you to the oldest comment you haven't yet read, or to the first comment? What if none of the comments are new?

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