Neo Retro - VT-100 in OS X
Friday, Jul 25, 2003
How to set up a VT-100 terminal with OS X. At first glance, I thought 'doesn't the Terminal app emulate VT-100?' Well, yes, it does, but this link tells you how to take that old physical terminal, you know, the one with the green or amber screen, 80 cols and 24 rows of text display, and hook it to your OS X mac, where it acts as a command-line console, for whatever you want to use a CLI for (Pine, grep queries, running display of search referrers, whatever your fancy).

Since it uses a null modem and regular serial cables, it's easy to put it in another room, so it could also be a text-based email station in the kitchen, an iTunes remote, or what have you. So geeky. I want to see pics of this in action.

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