Pittsburgh Kittens need a home!
Sunday, Jul 06, 2003
This is from a friend. Please pass this along to anyone you know in or around Pittsburgh who might want to take in a cat or kitten. Cats and kittens are great. You want a cat. You know you do. Here's your chance to save a kitty:

Subject: Immediate situation--felines that need homes asap

My neighbors up in Pine Township have beenhospitalized and may not be ableto care for the many cats that they have adopted andthat have been droppedoff at their house. They are both around 90 yearsold and very generous andcompassionate people. Chas and I are fostering 2kittens now. There are asmany as a dozen and they range in age from kittensto adult cats.

The cats will be taken to a farm up north and letloose unless I am able tofind homes for them. The family does not want to dothis but has no otherchoice because they cannot accommodate them.

Please, please, please, consider adopting a kittenor young adult cat! Ifyou are not able, then ask your friends and familyif they know anyone whowould like to adopt a cat/kitten.

They are beautiful creatures, and a bit shy atfirst. But now, just a halfday later they are playing and are more comfortablewith my presence.

The information on the felines is as best as I can give. They scatter awayin the house and hide, so it is hard to tell if I have seen them all. Ihave seen what I think are two age levels on the kittens. One about 5-6weeks, and one about 12 weeks. The kittens vary from almost all white withblack tipped tails/faces/paws (like they came down a chimney! *smile*) tomulti colors of white, black, grey, and some brown. I have not seen muchorange, some may have a bit of orange but not alot. There are some adultsalso. There is a very affectionate black cat who may be 10 years old.There are a couple of multi color, or spotted adults, probably around 3years maybe. I was told there was a black and white cat, but I have notseen it.

There are a number of them outside, but they are hard to see, most are youngadults to adults from what I can gather.

Please be advised that these cats probably have never been to the vet. Forthe kittens it is not so much of an issue. The two kittens that we haveadopted are great! A bit skiddish at first, as expected, but the older ofthe two is very lovable now. The young one is still getting used to us.They are both mostly white with black or grey 'tips'.

Let me know if you need any other information.

I really appreciate your interest and efforts...

If there's any chance you're interested, or know someone who is, drop me an email at, and I'll put you in touch with the proper person. Feel free to pass this post along to anyone else who might be able to help.


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