Rachel's Cedar Point Mini Ride Review
Wednesday, Jul 02, 2003
[Lou asked about the rides, since he's going to cedar Point this weekend. Rachel wrote up this synopsis, in temporary lieu of our forthcoming trip report, for his enjoyment and everyone else's. -Kev]

So the dragster wasn't up for our trip. We were both disappointed and relieved. Every time we looked at the coaster it brought new chills. They have done a great job with the theme though.

In any case -- I'm hoping to do some rating of the coaster on my site (their rating system is bad, they have the Millennium Force ranked a 5 for thrill, as well as the Wild Cat (a small coaster great for kids). However I don't think it will be done before Lou goes -- so here are a couple things we learned while at Cedar Point.

  1. Stay in a Cedar Point Resort. You get to enter about an hour early, they open two rides and we already had the Raptor and Millennium Force done and were in line for something else before 10 when the park opened.
  2. Get in line for your Freeway pass early. Freeway passes let you skip to the front of the line on two rides. But don't wait, we were confused about how they explained it; apparently they only give away about 50 passes for each hour of the day. They start handing them out at about 11 o'clock and once they are gone, they are gone.
  3. Go on the Millennium Force early, everything else seems like cake after that (except the dragster) and you don't realize you are scared till the ride starts.
  4. When you go on the Iron Dragon, close your eyes -- the ride gets so much better when you do that. Especially at the end of the ride.
  5. If you are Kevin and I, don't assume just cause no one else got too wet on that ride, that you won't. YOU WILL!!! At least if you are Kevin and I! (However it was okay cause we were the coolest people in line for the Mantis. We heard about an hour and a half of complaining about the heat while we just worked on drying off!)
  6. Go on a Monday (especially one where they are calling for thunderstorms), the park isn't empty, but it's much better.
  7. When riding the Millennium Force wear your sunglasses! The wind goes so fast it's very hard to keep your eyes open on this ride, but its cool. The sunglasses get a little vibration while you are riding, but we didn't see anyone loose them and I enjoyed the ride much more with them.
  8. I think that the Up side ride on the Power Tower is better than the Down side, but we didn't ride the down side cause we felt the up had best of both worlds. Shoots you up into the air and then drops as opposed to just raising you up and then dropping you.

We went on the Millennium Force twice. It was easily our favorite ride. Though as we got in the car there tended to be a lot of cursing at each other and telling Kevin we hate him for getting us on the ride (even Kevin was cursing himself). My second favorite was the Wicked Twister and then prolly the Raptor and the Mantis. In any case I highly recommend the park. We had a great time, and I'm sure there will be more up about it later, but this will help anyone going this weekend. Have fun!!!!!

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