Recall thoughts
Thursday, Jul 31, 2003
I'm sure most of you have at least heard about the scheduled California Recall vote. The Democratic leadership is trying to make sure there are no Democrats on the slate of gubernatorial replacements, because an all-Republican menu will make people more likely to vote against the recall, but my question is: if the Republican vote will be so spread out amongst the many Republicans running, is there anything legally stopping Davis from throwing his own hat into the election ring?

The front-running Republican candidate will likely garner only 20% of the vote, while it's probable that over 40% will be against the recall in the first place. Why not put Davis on the ballot of 'replacements' such that even if the recall effort gets a majority vote, those voting against the recall can also vote to put Davis back in if the recall vote passes?

Of course, the real opportunity here is for an independent or Green Party candidate to step in, collecting all the Left Wing votes while the Right Wing votes get squandered against a bevy of would-be kings.

Welcome back to California.

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