Sleep to post
Monday, Jul 28, 2003
Am.. blogger.. therefore... must... post!

I'll confess it's been hard to get back into the blogging mentality. Maybe it's that I've been holding my thoughts too close to my chest, or that I have such an amount of things to do, or that with all the emotional colors in my spectrum so intensified, not blogging is the equivalent of mental sunglasses.

Whatever the reason, I'm back to the blog. Maybe one of the things I like about living alone is that I'm not really alone. my 'alone time' is really time for the blog, and those who I only communicate virtually, be it through the web, IM, email, or the telephone.

Right now anyone I'm going to communicate with will be via sleep.

Night, night, and good luck to Karen tomorrow or Wednesday with her Google interview. In the words of the MCP: "All my functions are now yours. Take'em."

End of line.

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