"Everybody please stop dying."
Monday, Sep 29, 2003
It's been the subhead of a site I visit frequently for the past month, yet the dying just doesn't seem to stop.

Volt, a coworker of Ammy's died over the weekend after slipping in the shower and cutting his arm on the glass. He called 9-1-1, but died before the paramedics got there. He was 34.

There's hearing about people you never heard of dying ("Two shot in a school in Minnesota" or "Baby killed yesterday by stray bullet in Bayfair" (links omitted because, really, why do you need to read that?)), then there's celebrities dying (as they seem to every other day nowadays), then there's people your friends know, and then people you know. Why has it been happening on every level, most notably to young and hitherto healthy people?

It's really, really starting to get to me.

Oh, to balance the freak-vibe to friends and family reading this, one of the reasons I'm leaning toward the Prius is that the package I want comes with front, side, and side-curtain airbags. All the better to save me with.

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