Moving Moving Day a Week
Monday, Sep 08, 2003
So, due to the exigencies of having only one moving buddy for Sunday and the overall exhaustion of helping Karen and Crystal move house on Saturday, the great Berkeley Storage Space to Mountain View Townhouse move will commence one week later, on September 14th.

Banns shall be posted on the morrow, and already I'm sure I'll have the help to pull it off (err, on, then off).

Yesterday, with help from The Ken and The Ken's $1 Van I got a ton of IKEA bookcases from the Abandoned Fortress of Duotude to the townhouse's back patio, where they laid in wait overnight as the landlord moved out on Saturday. Literally, averaging 150lbs apiece, the seven of them together amassed, well, okay, half a ton. (But half a ton is better than none!)

Sunday, Liz, along with the 'Twins's Twenty Dollar Dolly' enabled me to move the pieces into my new living room, where they await the stuff from storage to give their lives purpose. Oh, and as it turns out I will be going to the spanking IKEA, needing an 8 foot glass door to replace the one that broke mid-vanride. (Amazingly, it was the hinge, and not the huge pane of glass, that broke.)

Then there's the van that was filled yesterday in Pittsburgh, which is, on Tuesday, starting its own cross-country journey, ending at my doorstep in 10-14 days time. Then there's the Big Honking TV which I'm selling to Ali and Mark rather than try to wrest from the gravity well in their living room. Then there's the 10 boxes of memory and utility from Dad's house that I will, at some point, have to fetch from California Meridional.

Oh yeah, and a table and chairs from Emily, and a pair of lamps from Ammy and Rick.

It's like an IKEA family reunion, with a few black sheep from Norka Futon and Pier One.

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