I am not behind!
Monday, Oct 06, 2003
So I have a confession: Like several of my friends this year, last month I joined FlyLady, a mailing list whose whole intent is to help you keep your home clean and under control.

It's been funny, being subscribed to a list that sends you 20 messages a day, giving you support, tasks, and ideas, when I was still living in Ammy and Rick's guest bedroom, but they were energizing to read nonetheless.

One of the things they write in nearly every message, 20 times a day, is the mantra: "You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?" As little direct impact FlyLady has had on my apartment cleaning (because first comes the unpacking, rebuilding, sorting, etc., then the maintenance cleaning) I've taken the quote to heart re: blogging.

I have a lot of cool ideas. When I used to ride the train every day I'd get to document at least one neat idea every morning or afternoon. Now I have a scrap of paper in my wallet that's rapidly running out of room, and just knowing I'm so far behind makes it hard to even start blogging things, because I feel I have all this chaff to work through before I get to write about today's stuff. And so: "I am not behind! I don't want to try to catch up; I will just jump in where I am." Of course, by doing so, I get to go back and blog the things I wanted to, after I release the pressure of not having blogged by blogging what I want to and not playing catch-up.

Paradoxical, nu?

And I know I've been blogging last week, but a lot of it is 'blogging' in the sterile crosslinking sense, not 'this is what I do and think' sense which I'm self-centered enough to think is more interesting than just pointing at politics and asking people to discuss.

So anyhow, I'm just jumping in where I am.

( Oh yeah, and the Alaska pictures are coming... :-) )

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