Thursday, Nov 20, 2003
So after test driving the Prius, two Outbacks, and a Lexus RX330 I've opted for the Prius. I actually put my deposit down two weeks before the car came out, with the intention of having it refunded if I decided to go another way.

Well I've done my research and my test driving, and I'm definitely on the Prius bandwagon. Now I have a promise from my dealership that I'll make it to the top of the waiting list before Christmas, and perhaps a lot earlier.

Now I'm wondering where my car is. I don't mean 'why isn't it here yet' but rather I'm fantasizing about where it is right now. Is it on a barge chugging across the PAcific, just north of Hawaii on its way from the Japanese factory? Is it on the assembly line right now being crafted for me? Is the stereo being assembled, and the aluminum being smelted in preparation for rolling into sheets that will eventually become my doors?

I don't have it yet, but it exists, in some for that will inexorably, like chaos in reverse, form itself into a car.

My car.

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