Viva Las Vegas
Monday, Nov 03, 2003
Heya! I went to Las Vegas last weekend with Mom and Susie. We had a great time, I saw 'O' for the second time in three months (it really is the best show ever) and after being down $260 and up $360 I ended up down $60. Not too bad, considering the amount of time I spent at the tables.

Mom taught Susie and I pinochle. This is important because it was the game that my Dad, Uncle, and Grandfather would play whenever they got together. 'The three beards' we called them (even after Dad shaved his off!) and nobody else ever played. Now that the threesome has been broken up, Steve has taken up playing, and Mom taught it to Susie and I so now we have another three-person game to bond with. Cribbage works with three players, but is really made for two, or to a lesser extent, four.

Working late tonight, and will be coming in early tomorrow, but I wanted to pop my head in and say hi. On the flight back from Vegas I remembered just how fast my mind works when I'm confined to a small chair, reading an intelligent book, listening to good music. I have tons of ideas on deck now, including one I want to work into an article for Salon or the New Yorker, and another that I'd like to turn into a book.

Where are all those hours that used to be in my days?

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