I met Bill Clinton
Tuesday, Dec 09, 2003
Reason #448 of why Google is a fun place to work: Celebrity drop-ins. Last week Al Gore stopped by for lunch. About a month ago Howard Dean came to talk with us. Before that Jimmy Carter and Gwenyth Paltrow stopped by (individually, not together).

About 10 minutes ago Clinton stopped by. I suppose it was planned in advance, but the buzz ran through the building about 5 minutes before he came.

(If I'd known I'd have a better camera than my T616 phonecam)

He shook hands and I'm certain that if there were babies present, he would have kissed them. Anyhow, nifty Tuesday and a good distraction while waiting for my car.

Update (3:15pm): As it turns out, I have verified that there was a baby there and that she did get a kiss on the cheek. (Thanks for the scoop, Kerah!)

Update (4:35pm): Was Clinton's visit leaked to the press? Or maybe to The Onion? Judge for yourself: Clinton Googles Himself

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