Merry Christmas!
Wednesday, Dec 24, 2003
Happy holidays to everyone! Ugh, so much to do. Holiday shopping is all but done, with hyoooge props to Rachel, for taking on more than her share of the joint gifts!

I'm sitting in the 'old house' in Carmel, typing in what is essentially a renovated stable, bought by my uncle 30 years ago and serving as the base for the 'main house' built a decade later. It's after 1am and I'm sitting in front of the TV watching Runaway Bride, sitting next to my cousin Ingrid who's talking on the cellphone. After 11pm or so, this is the only place in the house for the night-owls to congregate.

So now I'm rambling. The feeling here in our 18-year tradition of Christmas is clearly different for my dad's passing nearly six months ago. He was a ringleader, an instigator. His absence has created a bit more chaos, a bit less coalescence of activity. Of course, such words don't tell a tenth of it, but that's not what I want the post to be about.

We got DSL here in the house for the first time this year. Without even a second phone line, past years found the techies in our 30+ person group up after midnight to camp out on the dialup line. Now thanks to DSL and a wireless base station, the 6 or so of us with laptops, for better or worse, are wired. Now Christmas doesn't offer a respite from email. Well, maybe I'll have some sort of moratorium tomorrow.

I'm about to go to sleep, but I just wanted people to know I'm still around during the inevitable holiday slow season.

Oh, and I want to give shouts out to Mutant and Blub, holed up at home. I hope you're not floaters by the time I get home.

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