New Apple Handheld?
Monday, Dec 29, 2003
Brighthand talks about speculation of a new Apple handheld possibly to be announced at next week's Macworld Expo.

Now naturally I would wish that the rumor is true and this turns out to be the long-awaited iPad, but I'd be happy enough if it turns out to be mini iPods, based on Hitachi's 1-inch, 2- and 4-gigabyte drives. Toshiba's new 0.85" microdrive might be used in later models, but probably won't be ready in time for this quarter, or possibly even this year.

While I'd love for Apple to come out with an iPad, it'd be harder for me to justify buying one right now than it would be for me to get a smaller (cheaper?) 4-gig iPod for Reaver.

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