Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard: Just for PDAs?
Tuesday, Dec 09, 2003
BargainPDA reports on a forthcoming Bluetooth Stowaway keyboard in the works from Think Outside.

While I think that's very cool, and I love the idea of not only typing wirelessly to my PDA, but even typing to my PDA while the PDA is secured away in my bag or pocket, I'm keen to know if the're using standard Bluetooth peripheral protocols. Specifically, I'm hooking up my old Lombard Powerbook to my TV as a sort of dedicated music/web/??? terminal, with the laptop tucked away with the other components. I'd been thinking about getting an Apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse to control it, but it would be so much nicer to have this convenient folding keyboard that would be even less obtrusive when not in use.

Just thinking about being anywhere within 30 feet of the computer, opening the keyboard, typing a song name and hearing it over the stereo. Also thinking about how it could be a nice peripheral for ambient computing (as oposed to just ambient displays).

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