The Art and Evils of Powerpoint
Monday, Dec 29, 2003
I try not to post what everyone else posts, but when there's such a confluence of memes, it's hard to resist.

According to Edward Tufte, PowerPoint is evil. It helps speakers present and audiences tune out (in PowerPoint form). PowerPoint is responsible for the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia, and its principles can be seen in the destruction of the Challenger as well (in powerpoint format, ironically). In short, PowerPoint makes you dumb.

What if Lincoln had access to PowerPoint at Gettysburg? (by Peter Norvig who, in addition to co-authoring my undergrad artificial intelligence textbook, is also a fellow Googler)

David Byrne, however, has found a saving grace in demonstrating that PowerPoint can be an artistic medium. If anyone has a link to the actual content, I'd love to see it.

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