The dotcom midlife crisis?
Sunday, Dec 07, 2003
I wonder if anything should be read into the fact that the #6 book on Amazon's purchase circles page for Apple Computer is Po Bronson's What Should I Do with My Life?

I read and liked Po's earlier book, The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest, a fictional account of silicon valley culture, along the lines of Microserfs, though not quite as compelling (20Mil has a wider lens, while MS focused more on the person inside).

Certainly, it's a weird time for the silicon valley. Now that things have started settling down after the bubble and the burst, I think a lot of people are wondering what's next. There are companies that, while not gone, have lost their luster, and the idealism of their surviving employees might have been rubbed away at the same time.

Google's moving campuses down the block. A bunch of us moved in a couple weeks ago. We've moved in to one of the buildings in SGI's corporate headquarters, as they slowly move into smaller, less expensive digs. Right now we share the space. We share the lunchroom, the parking lot, but we're walking in different worlds. The attaboy slogans of idealism in the cafe, plastered with the SGI logo, ring hollow; a cautionary tale of how little the distance is between mission statements and jingoism. On the wall of the cafe, an LED sign blithely reminds SGIers that nominations for a certain internal achievement award are 'due by 4/17'. No year is specified.

In the meantime, Google is fantastic. Our company party was last Friday and it was a lot of fun. Coincidentally, the party was at the Computer History Museum which, furthering irony, also happens to have been SGI's headquarters, before they moved in to the building I'm in right now.

It's nearly 9pm and Rachel'll be coming home from her show soon. I probably oughta finish up and get home. Tomorow morning I need to go to the DMV first-thing before heading in to the office. Turns out my drivers license extension expires tomorrow and I'll probably need a valid license to pick up my new car which, incidentally, will also hopefully happen tomorrow.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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