This weekend's a show, and we all play our parts...
Monday, Dec 15, 2003
So hey, it's already Sunday night (err, early Monday morning, that is), and that means it's time for Weekend Update!

This weekend started off early with a trip to see Alegria. A day after getting the (still unnamed) Prius, I was happy to trek up to downtown San Francisco for the show. The navigation system was fun to play with. It's actually a really elegant system. My masters project at CMU was designing next-generation car navigation and I was happy, yet sad, to see that many of our innovations were already in the works and available in this system. Nevertheless there are several serious usability flaws in the interface, but that's the meat of another post. I'm planning on writing a Prius sitelet, going in to detail on each of its systems from a user perspective.

Alegria was fantastic. It was Rachel's second time seeing Cirque du Soleil, and my second time seeing Alegria (I saw it 9 years ago when it first came to San Francisco). We sat in literally the first row (well, except for one person sitting in front of Rachel) and were close enough to touch the stage. The acts were amazing, all the more for being able to make and maintain eye contact with those characters who come close to the audience, and actually being under the flying trapeze. Cirque was, and always will be, magic to me.

Rachel's currently stage-managing SteinBeck's production of Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris. She got one of the producers to cover for her on Thursday so she could see the circus (we had tickets before she ever accepted the job and she told them it was a condition to accepting the gig). In compensation, I agreed to handle the box office for Friday's show. Ali and Mark came down to see the show and act as impromptu ushers. I sat back in the booth with Rachel as she ran the show, and had a great time watching a really funny play. I even unexpectedly got to see one of my old Berkeley drama teachers, John Fisher. After the performance was over and we had cleaned up and locked down the theater, the four of us went to the diner across the street and had a nice wind-down before I drove Ali and Mark back to their car at Orinda Bart and Rachel and I went to Emily's to visit with Kisa while Emily's out of town. We finally left Em's at about 2am (gotta take kitty time where you can!) and got to sleep well after 3am.

Saturday I made a serious faux pas. Rachel and I had been planning out the things we needed to accomplish in order to pull off Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner at our place on Monday night. Karen and I were comped to see the play Saturday night and Rachel and I realized that Saturday would be the only time we'd be able to go to Dickens Faire this year, albeit for only 3 or 4 hours. Working on our morning errands, I got a call from Karen to coordinate our plans for the day and it was suddenly clear to me that I'd seriously screwed up and doublebooked. In my head I thought Karen and I were seeing the play together, but I realized that when I didn't get to go to Dickens with her 1-1 last weekend, I hoped we could spend a whole day this weekend hanging out with her and that Saturday was that day. Serious oops. Damnit.

On the bright side, our doing chores late into the morning meant we were home when Mom and the girls from her chorus called to sing us a happy holidays. That was really special, and I wish I'd spent a little less time trying to prosletyse others into getting singing holiday greetings and spent a little more time placing orders for my friends. As it was the ladies were there singing later than they had in years, and I'm glad I didn't make them stay any later. Thanks, Mom!

Dickens Fair was a lot of fun. I got to see a lot of friends I almost never get to see otherwise, and I got to dance with a fair number of them. I had a weird realization, talking with Rachel, about how it would be so hard for me to work Dickens because it's during 'the busy season' and I suddenly realized that there really is a social season, almost as well defined as football season, and following almost the same calendar. I just know that if I were a girl I wouldn't wear white shoes after Labor Day because they'd get scuffed up with all the dancing that goes on almost every weekend after September.

Met Karen for the show (Rachel and I were running late because of the inexplicable 6:15pm Saturday gridlock before 7th street on 101). We walked around and talked for a while, then went in to see the show. The audience was more 'on' than they were for the Friday show, probably because it wasn't raining on Saturday and it was a packed house to boot. I liked the show even more the second time and Karen thought it was a riot. Ammy and Rick are seeing the show on Thursday and I have to decide today or tomorrow whether I can drive up there and see the show for a third time.

We drove Karen to her car at San Leandro bart after the show and again went down to spend some kitty-time with Kisa. Got back around midnight or so, did some cleaning and relaxing, and went to sleep, with a 7:15am alarm set.

Sunday Rachel and I started off with a visit to Watercourse Way for a 30-minute soak (in Two Stones if you're curious) followed by a pair of hour massages that left us both relaxed and my hair looking like a honky version of Don King.

Sunday morning shopping on University Avenue including a full tour through Restoration Hardware, the Apple Store, Gyros at a good greek place, and then off to IKEA, Pier 1, another Pier 1, and Target. The it was back home for cleaning and relaxing for a few minutes before Rachel had to take off to prep for Sunday's performance and I stayed here sorting papers and relaxing a bit.

Now it's nearly 2am, and I'm off to sleep so I can work hard tomorrow, take off a little earlier than usual (meetings permitting) and help Rachel with the Turkey and whatever else needs helping with.

On deck for this week are the special Monday dinner, Tuesday TiVo Poker Night, Wednesday Return of the King (actually, in the early afternoon, but then probably back to work for most of the evening). Thursday is when Ammy and Rick are seeing the play, and I know I have Friday plans as well. Saturday is Gaskell's Christmas Ball, and Sunday I'm heading to Carmel for family Christmas.

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