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Monday, Jan 26, 2004
A dotcom veteran who refuses to lay down his arms, Kevin Fox is currently a user interface designer at Google Inc.

Kevin left his ancestral homeland of Los Angeles in the Fall of 1991 to attend UC Berkeley. After four leaves of absence, he completed his bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science in the Spring of 2001. During his sabbaticals he was a reviews writer for MacWEEK magazine, a seeded developer for Apple's Newton MessagePad, a webmonkey, a perlmonkey, web technical lead for Segasoft, and Hewlett-Packard, an invited member of Microsoft's Internet Advisory Board, and the webmaster and technical lead for Levi Strauss and Co. (where, incidentally, he co-invented the online wish list in 1997).

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Kevin worked in Yahoo! Inc.'s User Experience Design group, leading the interaction design for Yahoo! Messenger, Chat, and other properties.

In 2002, Kevin left Yahoo! for Carnegie Mellon University where he earned his Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction.

One of AOL's first beta-testers in 1987, Kevin now prefers small software foundries where the love for the product gives more karmic dividends then VC dollars. Kevin is now 96% dark-side free, and tries not to be evil.

Labeled 'usability guru' by New Yorker magazine and 'miscreant' by Wired, Kevin enjoys creating personal projects that play off the Internet's nascent communication metaphors. Most of Kevin's online exploits pass unnoticed (and unfinished), while some have made the front pages of the Wall Street Journal, Harpers Weekly, and

Currently residing with his girlfriend in Mountain View, Kevin has finally realized his dream of living within jogging distance from his job at a world-leading internet company.

Kevin is an avid ballroom and Irish dancer, and tries to write a thousand personal words a day. His current goals include learning both kiteboarding and the mysteries of love. Kevin's secret wish is to live in a spacious geodesic dome in the forest, with an attached sprung wood ballroom for entertaining, and an easy commute to the city.

He also likes cheese.

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