Quick Weekend Wrapup
Monday, Jan 12, 2004
Saturday was the Firefly Farewell party. A little over a year after Fox cancelled the show, twelve of us got together and watched the three unaired episodes that were released with the DVD box-set of the first (and only) season.

Leave it to Fox to cancel a show that's popular enough to justify a DVD release, and to do it when there are still completed episodes in the can.

At any rate, the party was great. The episodes were teriffic. We're all hoping the rumors that Joss is writing a movie script for Firefly are true.

Before the party a handfull of us had a TiVo Upgrade Party, replete with a trip to Fry's and subsequent sortie to Radio Shack. Paul and Karen now have 139-hour TiVos where before they had only 14 hours. Quite a difference I imagine.

Me, I was planning on upping my 80-hour to 200 hours, but talking with Ammy and Rachel the night before, I realized that about 80% of the space on my current TiVo is being used to hold shows I want to save, some of them over a year old. If I upgraded to 200 hours, eventually I'd be in the same position, effectively having a 15-hour TiVo with an additional 185 hours of online saved content.

Rather than spend money to upgrade the TiVo as a stopgap, I decided to give a DVD-Recorder a try. With the ability to offload my shows to DVD, I could again have a true 80-hour TiVo, as well as a way to offload and distribute shows to those who missed them, like when the cast of The Simpsons was on Inside the Actor's Studio.

Much of yesterday was spent rewiring all the AV equipment in the living room (Cable box, TV, TiVo, DVD-R, VCR (Don't ask the obvious question, please. I'm a geek. That's why.), Stereo Receiver and 5.1 decoder, Playstation 2, Gamecube), and going to dinner with Rachel.

Rachel and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary yesterday. One year ago we met for the first time when she picked me up at the Pittsburgh airport, coming home from winter break. A year later and we're going stronger than ever, and celebrated this by having wonderful French cuisine at Cafe Brioche, capped by an absolutely amazing chocolate souffle and blackberry cobbler a la mode.

This week is going to be all about rearranging furniture upstairs and redefining mental spaces. In medieval europe it was customary for neighbors to periodically walk their borders together, to establish in their head exactly where they agreed one property ended and the other began. Forget about GPS; back then not even good fences made good neighbors, because fencing off a 500-acre plot was an unheard-of amount of labor just to define a boundary, hence the walking of the lines.

Every once in a while it's good to walk the lines in several areas of life. It's annual review time at work, a walking of the lines, a defining of workplace scopes and boundaries. 1099s and W-4s are flying through the mail, to help us walk the lines with our government. I want to make a point of spending more 1-on-1 time with my close friends, walking those lines, touring their properties to see how their mental estates have flourished since the last time.

But right now it's work time, and I've got to get to it.

Happy Monday!

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