Back from Tahoe
Monday, Feb 02, 2004
Heya, sorry for the lack of posting. Google's annual ski trip was Thursday and Friday, and Trisha, Benjy, Karen, Crystal, Rachel and I all went to my Uncle's place on the North Shore for Friday through Sunday.

Between us we went snowboarding, skiing, sledding, hiking, and more, and all told we had a really good time. I'm certain that photos will ensue soon.

We took the Prius up to Tahoe, despite my fears of snow that would require me to shackle my new baby in chains. As it turned out, we got through Donner Pass yesterday when chains were still imminent, but not required. It was a real joy to drive the 80 miles from the peak of Donner Pass to Sacramento on a single gallon of gas, the fuel economy graph maxing out at 99.9 MPG for most of the downhill ride.

Thanks to the Superbowl we made better time into the Bay Area than one could reasonably expect on a Sunday afternoon, but I forgot to have Tivo record it. While we missed almost all of the game itself, thanks to my media-equipped friends I got to see the Timberlake/Jackson incident ('wardrobe malfunction' my ass (warning: NSFW)).

Thankfully, we got to watch the last 10 minutes of the game, which were the most exciting by all accounts. It sounds like even the ads mostly sucked, though I was glad to see the Pepsi-iTunes ad hosted at Apple.

Now it's Monday again, start of another week. This week looks to be pretty dance-heavy, with hip-hop class on Wednesday, our last Waltz class (Redowa!) on Thursday, and Friday Night Waltz the day after that.

And, of course, tons to do here where, once again, I'm thankful to have the best job in the world.

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