Introducing Phoenixfeather
Friday, Feb 20, 2004
So, on to other topics (phew!) I'm really excited that Rachel's put the finishing touches on Phoenix Feather Photos. For the past several weeks, Rachel has been taking pictures for the new site, and she's putting them together into albums on the site.


I'm really impressed at her eye for framing shots, and her use of depth of field. I'm looking at getting a new digital camera, and I only hope I can get half as good with it as she is with hers.

Right now there are two albums up: Winter Yellows, and Simply Berkeley.

Rachel's also working on a few other albums at the moment, and is trying to gather some more candids of the hummingbird in our backyard, and of neon-lit churches, wherever they glow.

To keep folks up to date (everyone wants to be a little sticky nowadays), Rachel's also set up an RSS feed for Phoenixfeather.

For the curious, right now she's using an Olympus Camedia C730 with 10x optical zoom, but we're both looking forward to the new Nikon D70 digital SLR.

No matter what she uses to take pics, Rachel really has a knack for capturing the shots I can't even see when I'm standing in front of them, and I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.

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