Iterative cascading failures
Wednesday, Feb 04, 2004
Gods, I felt bad when fractal sites got unexpectedly pummeled with traffic yesterday after the Google logo honoring the birthday of Gaston Julia linked to an image search for "Julia Fractals".

One of the site owners received four times his monthly bandwidth allottment in just one day, costing him $225 in overage fees, but he was quick enough to put up a donations plea on the self-same site that raised him $250, so it all turned out okay.

Now, adding insult to injury, Slashdot has posted a story about the pummeling, incidentally linking directly to a few of the sites that were hammered.

This has caused nearly as much traffic from the 'slashdot effect' as the original Google links delivered.

Luckily, everyone on Slashdot is tripping overthemselves to be the first to notice the irony...

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