Meme-o-matic busts out
Wednesday, Feb 11, 2004
It's funny that most of the unsung (or at least unposted) content I have is in the form of memes and links, the things that weblogs were 'supposed' to be, before the term matured into much more.

As part of the trifurcation of Fury, I'm going to split off the Meme-o-matic into its own, entirely separate site. I'll probably keep the sidebar here, driven by an RSS (or maybe Atom?) feed, but will have another site, updated several times a day, for slightly more robust pointing.

I'm looking to BoingBoing and Gizmodo as examples of this genre of blog. It's really more of an aggregator than a community, and probably won't have comments.

So now, while I've learned the hardships of desgning by committee, I'd like input on which domain to use for this new site. The candidates are,, or

Ready? Set... Opine!

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