Ugh, busy
Thursday, Feb 05, 2004
Well, it looks like I'll be moving offices for the third time in as many months, but this one's only temporary, and I'll keep my old office.

I've been a lot busier of late, and I've got to find a way to bring meaningful blogging (as opposed to meme-linking) back into my daily process. I've got to find a time and a place to blog, and then put it into my schedule.

Tonight's Poker night at Google (which, considering Poker night at TiVo, either means I'm becoming an addict or a shark (or both)). After Poker is Rachel's and my last waltz class with Richard Powers.

Tomorrow is Friday Night Waltz, then a blessed break where Rachel and I can play catchup on our lives after too many full weekends.

Rachel's been doing such a bang-up job on her own personal site that I'm really inspired to enact more of my own web visions, but then there's this whole job thing that cuts into my play time.

Wanh, wanh. Pity me. I'm too successful for my own good.

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