Digital Workflow, S.I. Style
Monday, Mar 29, 2004
Doing some research on our new toy, I came across a teriffic article on Sports Illustrated's digital photo workflow.

Minutes after eight photographers stationed at this year's Superbowl took over 15,000 pictures in under 6 hours, it falls to two guys huddled around a monitor, giving the thumps-up or -down to two pictures a second, paring the shots down to a reasonable set, and that's just the beginning.

Just 18 months ago S.I. relied on film, two portable developers in a trailer, and a staff of negative-cutters and mounters to do the same job half as well. All-told, it's an interesting look at the melding of humans and computers in the workflow of managing 42 gigabytes of photos in under a day.

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