Eating my Lucky Charms
Wednesday, Mar 17, 2004
So it's St. Patrick's Day again. Last night I celebrated in proper style, Irish dancing with friends at Ammy's new weekly ceili at St. Stephen's Green, in Los Altos.

Now I'm celebrating by wearin' green, eating my Lucky Charms, and checking out Google's Celtic Knot logo.

Which brings up a (very pedantic) point: What the hell's up with Lucky charms? Back in the day it had a catchy slogan, with the leprichaun touting LC's "yellow stars, blue diamonds, green clovers, and pink hearts." Today, the leprichaun has a whole mouthful to convey, with the addition of pink-yellow-blue rainbows, shooting stars, purple horseshoes, pots of gold, secret gold keys (gold marshmellows with a key-shaped core that dissolves in milk), and orange-somethings.

Forget the fact that these 'marshmellows' have as much to do with actual marshmellows as a cupcake has to do with a cup. Then there's the grey gunk at the bottom of the bowl from all the melted and re-solidified 'marshmellow detrius'.

Damn. it's all gone. I need to get another bowl.

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