Moment of Rhino-follicular Zen
Thursday, Mar 18, 2004
Following my recent bent toward the pedantic and odd, I thought I'd share too much. Here goes:

Pulling out a nosehair is one of the most bracing things I ever do.

I really should explain, because what I said isn't what I mean at all. By bracing, I don't mean 'jumping into a cold river' so much as 'brace yourself', and by 'pulling out a nosehair' I mean 'sitting there, with the end of the hair firmly pinned between my thumbnail and fingernail, all ready to pull, flesh willing, mind weak, with the neurons right on that verge of firing, asking my brain "now? now?" and hearing back "ye- I mean, just a sec, no. go. now! No. Ow! Doh."

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