Project Time
Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004
So I've been good for the past couple days, setting aside some time in the evenings for project time. I have so many cool things that I want to build, update, or expand on, that it's been crippling for the last few years. Loads of creativity don't mesh well with a gnat's attention span.

Nevertheless, I've been refocusing, telling myself "yes, and we'll get to that new idea when it's turn comes" and concentrating on the oldest of my projects. I should have something out by the end of the week, if I get another couple evenings of work in on it.

Then of course there's also all the things I want to blog. The real problem is that I now read, via RSS or otherwise, over 100 sites daily, above and beyond the computing I do at work. I have this tide that flows in and out on roughly an annual cycle, flowing between being a consumer of information and being a publisher.

Inside there's this concern that if I take my fingers off the heartbeat of the blogosphere it'll run off without me, but at the same time I'm too busy counting beats to report my findings. Then there's the worry that a reporter of findings just becomes one more bare wall in the blogworld's already hollow echo chamber.

New content, fresh content, content from outside the digital realm...

Anyhow, I'm hot to finish this project, but I've also got to run to work. I have almost as many meetings as fingers today. If I'm destined to have those numbers equate, I wouldn't mind another few meetings.

Hope everyone local's enjoying the weather, and I hope those not in California are enjoying the promise that the arrival of Spring bestows, even if it's still, as yet, a promise.

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