Rachelblog: It's been a day
Wednesday, Mar 03, 2004
[Like the previous one, this is also Rachel's post. I'm hosting this for Rachel on my blog while she puts the finishing touches on her own. --KF]

A little calmer now, I have to think clearly about just how lucky I am. Kevin stayed home tonight from poker to comfort me. While he quite often seeks some time alone, I get that most of the day I feel a bit better if he is in the house. Just knowing that if i need him, he is there, helps so much. We watched a movie and pigged out just as those stressed and depressed should do. And I am thinking about my day a little more rashly now.

Yeah, I'm scared and unnerved about this unknown possibility right now. But we are very sure its not cancer; and its prolly nothing even that bad. Whatever it is, or isn't we will take care of it, and in the end I'm really lucky. Lucky it wasn't worse and lucky to have a wonderful, caring partner who helps me so very much.

[No, I didn't bribe her to say this. She's my sweetie.--KF]

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