At long last: Randompixel!
Tuesday, Apr 20, 2004
Nearly six years in the making, today marks the debut of Randompixel!

For those of you who haven't heard about the project before, Randompixel is a collection of disposable cameras, each swaddled in stickers instructing the weilder to take some pictures, then hand the camera off to someone else, a stranger, a friend, anyone. They take pictures, hand it off, and so on.

When the camera's full, they drop it in a mailbox and it makes its way back to me, where I get it developed and scanned, then post it for all the web to see.

Today the first camera, 'Emily' is posted, journalling a trip from Berkeley to the very corner of the nation. new cameras will be posted every Tuesday which means, among other things, that I need to gear up and ship out a bunch more cameras soon, because I only have enough returned cameras for a few months worth of galleries.

There's still a lot more to be done to the Randompixel site, but I wanted to get a camera up there and learn from the experience. I hope you enjoy it, and spread the word!

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